1 Dieting Habits Are Heavily Linked Culture 2 1880s Full Figured Actress Lillian Russell Was

(1) Dieting habits are heavily linked to culture. (2) In the 1880s, the full-figured actress Lillian Russell was the epitome of beauty. (3) Being overweight then was equated with wealth and success. (4) Today, American culture has gone to the opposite extreme. (5) Research shows that the body weight most American women want to achieve today is 13 to 19 percent below the expected weight for their age and height. (6) Since a body weight below 15 percent of expected weight is one of the criteria for diagnosing anorexia nervosa, what does this say about our ideals? (7) We must do something about those ideals. (8) With extreme slimness as a cultural norm, it is no wonder that fad dieting, surgical fat removal, eating disorders, and fear of fat abound. (9) Every day, magazines, TV, and movies send the message that “thin is in.” (10) Unfortunately, this obsession with thinness leads many people to feelings of guilt, despair, and inferiority. (11) Sadly, for some, this struggle ends in death. (12) Isn’t it time we taught our children not to emphasize their looks at the expense of their souls? B4. The tone of this paragraph can be described as Select one: a. puzzled and curious. b. disapproving and distressed. c. matter-of-fact. d. admiring and tolerant.


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