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1. A family with hidden wealth 2. An island with hidden treasure 3. Napoleon Bonaparte’s place of exile 4. Wife of Fernand 5. Boat of smugglers 6. Feared that people would associate him with his father’s political views 7. The priest who spoke to Caderousse 8. Willed Dantes a fortune 9. Daughter of Morrel 10. The name Dantes’s disguise as a representative of Thompson and French 11. Assistant deputy prosecutor who puts Dantes in the Chateau d’If 12. Fiance’ of Julie 13. Former emperor of France 14. Madame de Morcerf 15. The person who murders Edouard(Edward) Villefort 16. The person who tries thinks about suicide because he believes he cannot live without his one true love 17. The person who says, “Wait and hope.” 18. The person who promises to help the Count with a new start of happiness 19. The person who takes his/her own life at her husband’s suggestion because she ruined the family’s reputation 20. The person who goes mad 21. Ship captain 22. Innkeeper 23. Valentine’s mother 24. Danglar’s daughter 25. Julie’s husband 26. Morrel’s daughter 27. The doctor 28. Bonapartist who was to receive the note that condemned Dantes 29. Son of Fernand Mondego 30. Father of Dantes Complete the question stem; these will be multiple choice on the test. 31. Edmond was imprisoned for a total of 32. The only person who immediately recognizes Dantes is 33. All of the following are the Count’s disguises 34. In his letter to Maximilien, the Count tells him 35. Eugenie runs away with _______________ and does not marry ____________ or ___________. 36. Monte Cristo was first convinced ___________________________; later he began to doubt it. 37. When Monte Cristo ruins Danglars financially, Danglars 38. The young men who strike up an acquaintance with the Count in Rome are 39. Monte Cristo gains the favor of Danglars and his wife by 40. Monte Cristo gains the favor of Madame de Villefort by CMC Exam Review 41. Madame de Villefort wants Valentine to 42. Nortier communicates with his 43. Nortier threatens to disinherit Valentine if she 44. Barrios dies of True/False (Not in the same order on the test.) 45. One way that Dantes helps Morrel is to have a ship built for him. 46. Faria died of hunger. 47. Abbe’ Faria could not read nor write. 48. Dantes escaped through a rope ladder that Faria made. 49. Dantes’s appearance changed so much during his imprisonment that most of the people he encountered afterward did not recognize him. 50. The Count shows mercy to Danglars because Danglars is the person who commits the smallest crime against him. 51. Mercedes professes her love to Dantes at the end of the novel and hopes to be reunited with him in marriage. 52. Dantes is able to figure out for himself the persons responsible for his imprisonment. 53. Madame Danglars is left penniless when her husband leaves her. 54. Madame Villefort learns about poisons from the Count’s servant Bertuccio. 55. Albert first accuses Villefort for his father’s misfortune. 56. Albert apologizes to the Count after he challenges the Count to a duel. 57. Fernand Mondego was loyal to Ali Pasha until the end of the Pasha’s life. 58. Nortier is slowly poisoning his granddaughter to save her life. 59. Fernand hated Dantes because Fernand was jealous that Dantes was going to be captain. 60. Maximilien is reunited with his true love at the end of the novel. Match the character to the quote: Dantes, Madame Danglars, Mercedes, Danglars, Morrel (no rules- some names used, some not; not in the same order on the test.) 61. “It is with this consoling hope that I leave you, my dear and very prudent wife.” 62. “There is neither happiness nor unhappiness in this world; there is only the comparison of one state to another.” 63. “I live between two graves. One is that of Edmond Dantes. . .the other is that of the man whom Edmond Dantes killed.” 64. “The gods never do evil; they always stop where they want to stop. Chance is never stronger than they are; on the contrary, it is they who dominate the chance


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