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1.How is culture reflected in television and movies? What relationship does the media have with culture? 2.What are some of the controversial issues related to video games? What changes has the gaming industry made to address some of these issues? 3.What are the effects of video games on individuals and society? Summarize the results from at least one academic study on the effects of video games. The results need to be taken from an original study, not a newspaper article, website, encyclopedia, or other secondary source discussing the results. In other words, you will need to use the university library to find an original peer-reviewed journal article on the effects of video games. 4.What responsibilities do the news media have? What challenges do the news media face in meeting these responsibilities? 5.What changes have occurred to the news media in the last century? What effect does the modern news media have on culture? 6.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the changes to the news media? 7.How does the public relations industry impact the news media? What effects can this produce? 8.What is hegemony? Where is hegemony seen in the media? , 9.What are the authoritarian, communist, libertarian, and social responsibility models of journalism? Describe each of these models. 10.What is copyright? What are some of the ethical and legal issues found online?


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