1 Neolithic Revolution Was Discovery Settlements Along Water B Domestication Plants And Anim

1. The Neolithic Revolution was: A) The discovery of settlements along the water B) The domestication of plants and animals, leading to stable societies C) The overthrow of early kings for council-style government D) The sudden explosion of population between 10,000 and 3000 BCE 2. When societies are desperate for labor, they need all hands on deck and cannot spend energy on building status and class. Therefore: A) The wealthier a society, the more its citizens are treated the same B) The wealthier a society, the more opportunities for women C) The poorer a society, the bigger its artisan or middle class D) The poorer a society, the more its citizens are treated the same 3. Mesopotamian Sumer was characterized by: A) The discovery of writing, mathematics, and law B) A civilization that left behind no written records C) Human Sacrifice and flooding D) Warlike training and chemical weapons 4. The long-lasting cultural Renaissance of Ancient China occurred under the A) Shang Dynasty B) Tang Dynasty C) Zhou Dynasty D) Xia Dynasty 5. The “Mandate of Heaven” and the Egyptian Pharaohs held in common: A) The building of great monuments B) The worship of leaders as divine C) The annual flooding of the Yellow and Nile Rivers as punishment from the gods D) The concept of “maat”


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