1 Strategies Reading Critically Please Respond Following• Describe Challenges You Have Readi

(1) Strategies for Reading Critically” Please respond to the following:• Describe the challenges you have with reading certain types of written works (e.g., textbooks, academic papers, lab reports, government documents, or other type(s)). • Explain the primary goals you have when reading textbooks and other academics papers.• Recommend one pre-reading strategy to help students set goals and one post-reading strategy that helps you recall material for use in writing about the material. (2) writing for Different subject Area” Please respond to the following. -Identify the primary subject area (e.g., science, English, business, etc.) that presents the greatest challenge to you as a student writer. Explain.-Identify the primary subject area (e.g., science, English, business, etc.) in which you have found the greatest success as a student writer. Explain


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