1 Which Following Actions Did President Washington Take Beginning His First Term He Decided

1. Which of the following actions did President Washington take at the beginning of his first term? He decided to move the nation’s capital to Washington, D.C. He established the House of Representatives. He named well-known, talented leaders to head government departments. He asked state governments to repay federal and state debts. 2. In 1789, which country controlled land to the south of the United States? Mexico France Spain Britain 3. One of the most pressing problems facing George Washington when he took office was conflict between the French and the British. an economic crisis caused by high debt from the Revolutionary War. the settlement of present-day Ohio. reducing a high national tariff. 4. Which statement BEST describes a major result of the Whiskey Rebellion? The new government halted the production of whiskey. People learned that the new government would execute violent protestors. The new government proved too weak to respond in times of crisis. People realized that the new government would not tolerate violent protests. 5. Congress enacted every part of Alexander Hamilton’s economic plan EXCEPT paying the states’ wartime debt. establishing a national bank. establishing a high national tariff. giving a national bank the power to issue paper money.


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