25 slide powerpoint on police conflict management and deescalation techniques.

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CJA 148 Police Community Relations Class Project One of the requirements for successfully completing this class will be the completion of a presentation. As stated in the course syllabus, 150 points of your course grade is based on this assignment. You will have until July 24th to complete the project. Late assignments will not be accepted under any circumstances. Due to the changes in our class meetings this semester, I will not require you to present your project. However, Microsoft PowerPoint has a feature where you record your presentation as you narrate it. I believe that Google Slides does as well. If you choose to do that, you will earn an additional 30 extra credit points. The project is worth 150 points with the possibility of 30 extra points. Your project can be either a PowerPoint presentation, a video, a Prezi presentation or some other presentation medium you may choose. PowerPoint’s must be no less than 25 slides in length and video projects must be approximately 10 minutes long. No less than 5 sources must be included with your presentation. It will be limited to two students per topic. You must submit your project topic choice to me by Friday July 3rd . You will lose 10 points per week after that date if I do not hear from you on your topic choice. The topic can be chosen from the below listed subjects or another topic that you bring to me. Your topic must be related to the police function and approved beforehand.  Police and the minority or immigrant community  Recruiting minority and female candidates for careers in criminal justice  Police community relations and special populations (the mentally challenged, autistic, the elderly, children and adolescents, the mentally ill, etc.)  Should police officers be college educated – reason for or against  Community relations and community policing – How they fit together  Public perception of the police before and after 9/11 and Ferguson.  Police stress including PTSD, suicide, alcoholism, shift work and family issues – this must be written as a training program for police officers  Policing and the news media – is coverage of the police fair and unbiased  The militarization of the police in the 21st Century  Police community programs – foot patrol, citizen’s police academies, resident officer programs, volunteer programs etc.  Conflict management, De-escalation techniques, protests and disturbances  Police misconduct and corruption – its effect on the profession.  Police departments use of social media – Its uses and effects on the community


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