31 Dna – Transmitter Genetic Code 1 Define Dna Stating What It Short And Where It Found 2 De

3.1DNA – Transmitter of Genetic Code 1.Define DNA, stating what it is short for and where it is found 2.Define genetic code. 3.Describe the 4 chemicals that make up this genetic code and how they are arranged. Lastly, describe the chemicals that compose the sides (backbone) of the DNA ladder. 4.Who are the two scientists accredited for discovering that DNA is a double helix? 5.What are chromosomes? 6. a.For humans, a complete set has ____ chromosomes. b.They exist in ____ pairs. c.How does the 23rd pair of chromosomes in a male differ from that of a female? 7.What are genes, where are they located, and what do they build? 8.Give 4 examples of what genes can code for. 9.What are alleles? 10.Illustrate a pair of chromosomes showing the genes located on those chromosomes and the different alleles (Figure 3.9 Page 45) 3.2Cell Division 1.What is mitosis? 2.Give an example of mitosis occurring in asexual reproduction. 3.State in which cells mitosis occurs in humans and what is mitosis responsible for? 4.Illustrate an example of cells undergoing mitosis. 5.What is meiosis? 6.What does meiosis produce? 7.Illustrate the process of meiosis in humans beginning with 1 cell containing 46 chromosomes and ending with 4 gametes, 23 chromosomes each. 8.What are the main differences between mitosis and meiosis? 3.3Patterns of Inheritance 1.Show, using a punnett square, the offspring of a purebred black male dog with a purebred white female dog. ÞWhat are these puppies known as? ÞWhat percentage will be black? White? 2.Take the offspring from the punnett square above and create 3 more punnett squares. Mate one of the offspring with a purebred white coat, mate one of the offspring with a purebred black coat, and mate one of the offspring with another hybrid. ÞFor each punnett square list the percentage of offspring that are black? White? ÞWhich coat color is the dominant trait? The recessive trait? 3.What is incomplete dominance and give an example.


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