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Technology : Business Research Report

Because this assignment is being measured across all BUS 101 sections, students will be asked to return their graded hard copy reports after reviewing my comments.

This assignment asks you to research new technologies and report on their business impact. Below is a set of questions relating to these emerging technologies that are beginning to affect different areas of business in a variety of ways. Please answer the following questions and be sure to do so in a business report format that uses headings and sub-headings that makes clear to the reader what it is that they are about to read

1. Define the term Big Data and provide an example of its use in one of the business disciplines. Be specific.

2. What is a blockchain? How could blockchain be used to improve efficiency?

3. What is artificial intelligence?

4. Describe 2 types of artificial intelligence.

5. Considering one of the types of artificial intelligence you described, how has a business used the technology to obtain a competitive advantage?

6. Are there any other new technologies that may impact business practice? Describe and provide an example.

Formatting the Report

Some reminders:

ØThe report must include a cover page, table of contents, and a bibliography (works cited section).

ØFootnotes should follow the Chicago Style Citation Guide I refer to in the Supplement to Syllabus. Note the examples that I give there.

ØOrganize your report with Section Headings and sub-headings within sections. For example, for the first question, one might have a section heading entitled “Big Data.” A sub-section under that might be “Big Data Defined.” Of course, your research might reveal that there is more than one definition, in which case you will need to decide how to present those definitions and your analysis of them. Another sub-section title might read “Big Data in the _____ Industry” or “An Important Use for Big Data.” Those titles would refer to the second part of the question.

ØA Business Report is not an essay. It is a well-structured document that clearly and concisely presents information so that at any given point the reader knows exactly what is about to be read before he or she begins reading. Hence the importance of Section Headings and sub-headings within sections.

ØLength of Report: Sooner or later someone always asks how long should the report be? My answer is always as follows: however long it takes to get the job done properly! Nevertheless, I will give you a maximum length based on double spaced pages with single spaced footnotes and one inch margins. Not including the cover page, table of contents and bibliography, the report should be no longer than 8 pages.

Criteria for Grading Report

Your report will be graded on five (5) criteria.

1. Objectives Achieved: Overall metric for the level at which student accomplishes the research and comprehensively follows assignment directions

2.Information Seeking: Student gathered appropriate and comprehensive information for the assignment

3.Analysis: Student carefully evaluated the information and drew appropriate conclusions relative to the assignment

4.Citations: Student chose relevant and appropriate sources and cited them in the proper format, using footnotes and a works cited section.

5.Writing and Formatting: The paper was well-written in terms of content, grammar and structure (Cover Page, Table of Contents, Use of Section Headings, etc.)

All papers and assignments must be TYPED, SINGLE SPACED, and have a COVER PAGE. Times New Roman (font) at a 12-point type size should be used for body text.

Excluding the cover page, all pages in a report must be numbered. Page one (1) begins on the first page of the report, case, plan, etc. Front matter such as prefaces and Table of Contents are numbered using lower case Roman numerals (ii, iii, iv, etc.). Reports must have a “TABLE OF CONTENTS” that indicates the page number where each section and sub-section begins.


It is ESSENTIAL for you to CITE YOUR SOURCES. Not only direct quotations, but all data or information that you find in a source and to which you refer must be appropriately cited in FOOTNOTES at the bottom of the page on which they appear as well as in a bibliography at the end of the report. In business, footnotes are the standard notation format to be used — not parenthetical notation.


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