Advanced Content Analysis

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Your task is to design and carry out a quantitative content analysis of social media (i.e. Twitter) and news mediadiscussionabout the politics of Brexit during the last several months.

To complete this coursework you are required to combine a series of practical tasks with a written commentary.

Practical tasks:Data Collection

Devise a key word search that you can use in Nexis to capture UK national press coverage of this issue.
Using this keyword search, download a word format file of the headlines of national press coverage of this issue published within the last 3 months. Include this document in the appendix of your report.
Go to the web and identify 5 UK news/current affairs websites that might have reported on recent events concerning the topic (e.g. BBC News, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sun, Daily Mirror, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, New Statesman, Economist, Spectator, etc.). Use HTTrack to scrape the home page of these websites as they appear when you undertake the web scraping.
Perform the web scraping in one session – this will help to ensure greater validity when comparing the content of these homepages later.
Scrape two layers of the selected web pages – i.e. the home page and any linked pages (e.g. news articles).
Identify which stories are relevant to (i.e. meet the qualifying criteria of) the topic.
In the appendix of your report, note down the headlines of the stories you identified via this process for each of the 5 news sites.
Use Mozdeh/TAGS to search Twitter for recent tweets regarding your topic. Save the Tweets in an excel file and include in the appendix of your report.
Practical tasks: Data Analysis
Select the first 20 Headlines from your Nexis newspaper headline file and import into Nvivo
Auto code the different newspaper titles
Identify one theme with a ‘parent/child’ structure relevant to your analysis and develop your own node structure to facilitate analysis of this theme. Screen capture the node structure of newspaper title and your own theme and place in the appendix of your report.
Manually code the content of the 20 headlines.
Cross tabulate newspaper titles with your manually coded theme and screen capture the results and place in the appendix of the report.
Use your node structure as the basis for developing a content analysis schedule that can be inputted into SPSS.
The content analysis schedule should include two additional variables.
Code the 20 headlines in SPSS and provide frequency tables for all variables. Place in the appendix of the report.
The written section of the report.
N.B. Write separate sections for each of the tasks below. Make sure you include all supporting material in the report appendix (as outlined above).
Introduction of topic and research problem (i.e. why might this topic be worth conducting a content analysis on?) (250 words)
Provide a justification for your key word search in Nexis, explaining how it avoids the pitfalls of false positives and false negatives. (250 words)
Report (1) the number of headlines you identified through your Nexis search, (2) the number of stories per news outlet you found using HTTrack and (3) the number of tweets you found using Mozdeh. (100 words)
Explain how you developed your parent/child node for coding newspaper headlines using Nvivo. Why do you think the theme is of significance for the research topic? How confident do you believe you can be in its reliability as a measure? (200 words)
Explain how you elaborated on this theme for the SPSS-based coding exercise. What new measures have you identified and why do you believe they are important? Again, how confident do you believe you can be in their reliability? (200 words)
Provide a commentary on the main findings of your data collection and analysis (500 words)
Provide a reflection upon your data collection and analysis strategies. How might you develop them in a further study? (500 words)
References list – you should use the reading list (above) and further reading to justify your choices throughout.


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