AHS 7685 week 2 assignment

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Using your fund development (approved nonprofit organization) and your course book (Fundraising Basics: A complete guide, Chapter 8, Page 138 – 139 | See Exhibit: 8-3 which is an actual example of a Stakeholders Prospect File and the format you should use), create a profile of the stakeholders or types of individuals and corporations which you would include on the following prospect lists:

Submission Requirements:

  • Cite at least one source per stream and provide an example from your Fund Development Plan Organization of each activity. Include in-text reference at bottom of the page AND be sure to list on Reference page.
  • Use the Week 2 Stakeholder Profile APA template provided. You are to create one profile per type above: Fundraising Committee, Major Donor, Special Event Participant, Corporate Partner.
  • Also required are: Cover sheet, abstract, narrative ONLY IF NEEDED to clarify/explain information in the chart, citations, and reference page.
  • This assignment is worth 5% of your total grade.

Resources for Assessment:

This activity is matched to the following Learning Outcomes: Students will examine critical fund development issues facing today’s nonprofits. Review and evaluate an agency’s existing fund development program elements with their fellow classmates. Discuss past elements and their success of an agency’s overall fund development plan. Create a return on investment model for future elements of a development plan for longevity and relevance of the programs to an agency’s mission. Prepare and submit various special events, direct mail/online and leadership giving elements for class review and evaluation. The student will review historical funding sources and determine future interest areas and niche development opportunities to support a nonprofit agency. Students will us appropriate writing and oral skills. Prepare written work using the appropriate APA style.



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