Application Assignment 6: First person account of psychological diagnoses

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This application assignment is intended to give you an opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of a particular psychological diagnosis. First, you will examine that psychological disorder through the lens of one person’s real life experiences by selecting and reading one of the following first person essays. Each of these essays provides a firsthand account of the author’s experiences with a mental health diagnosis. You should select an essay that is of interest to you and one that provides you with an opportunity to learn about experiences that might be different from your own personal experiences, such as from an author who has different experiences than you based on their diagnosis, their gender, culture, social or geographic background, etc. After reading the essay, you will embark on your own research of this psychological disorder by using three sources: 1. your textbook, 2. NIMH website information, and 3. one other scholarly source of your choosing (see note below). Using all these resources, you will answer the following questions (A thru C below) in well-written paragraphs.

To submit this assignment: Create a word document with your written answers (labeled A-D as below) and upload your file (type doc or docx). Your final document should be 3-5 full paragraphs and not be longer than 2 pages.


These essays are selected from the book: LeCroy, C.W., & Holschuh, J. (2012). First person accounts of mental illness and recovery. John Wiley & Sons.

(you will find the essays in the 5 files)


[IMPORTANT: Please be sure to label/title your document with the name of the essay you chose]

A. Summary and reflection on the essay [4 pts] : Write 1-2 paragraph(s) that provides a brief summary of the essay you read, including a description of the author’s experiences with the psychological diagnosis they describe. Be sure that you describe the following:

        1. [1 pt] What diagnosis & symptoms does the author describe in their essay?
        2. [1 pt] What do you think is the author’s primary goal, or take-home message, for the reader?
        3. [1 pt] What are your observations about the developmental aspects of this essay? Describe at least one aspect of the person’s story that relates to an important aspect of developmental psychology. For instance, discuss how you think their experiences relate to their particular stage of life, how their experiences link to their experiences with parenting, their cognitive development, etc.
        4. [1 pt] Describe at least one aspect of the person’s experiences that reflects important social and/or cultural factors. Be specific about what social/cultural factors are important in this person’s story. Be careful not to make superficial assumptions or base your observations on cultural stereotypes or generalizations – reflect thoughtfully on this person’s own words. How do they describe their social and/or their cultural world? How do these influences shape the author’s experiences and their story.

B. Understanding the diagnosis. [7 pts] Develop 1-2 well-written paragraphs that provide the following descriptive and factual information about the diagnosis:

1. Description and symptoms 3pts– provide a summary/overview of the main features of this condition, including the key symptoms that are part of the diagnosis.

2. [2 pts] Describe basic prevalence information and statistical information/facts about the diagnosis. How common is this diagnosis in the US population? Provide at least 2 other facts about the diagnosis based on your research.

3. {1 pt} Causes and risk factors – write 1-2 sentences about what the known causes or risk factors are for this condition.

4. [1 pt] Treatment – write 1-2 sentences about what types of treatment are considered effective for this condition.

C. Your Personal observations/reflections [5 pts]. Write 1 paragraph describing your own observations, thoughts, and reflections about this story. You have a wide range of angles you can take – I just want to see you write a thoughtful and well written paragraph explaining what you took away from this essay and this assignment. For instance: What did you learn that you did not know previously? What questions did this essay/assignment spark for you? What aspects of this story can you relate to other experiences you have had or other courses you are taking? Did this essay relate to your future career goals? How? Etc.

D. List of References. Make sure you list your 3 sources and proofread your paper. You will also be graded on the quality of your citations [2 pt] and the quality of your writing [2 pt]. Note on your sources: You are to use three reputable, scholarly sources for this assignment. One source should be your course textbook, the second source should be the website of the National Institute of Mental Health. (side note: If you are not already familiar with what the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is/does, then I urge you to read about this important scientific organization). There is a lot of information throughout the NIMH website but you will especially want to look under “brochures and fact sheets” and “statistics” sections ( see (Links to an external site.)). For your third source, you should find a scholarly, scientific article on the diagnosis by conducting a search using a reputable scientific database. I suggest you use “google scholar” or the UMKC library database for “PubMed” or “Psychinfo” to conduct your search). You may use any scholarly format for listing your references (such as APA or MLA style).

You can find the “PubMed” and “PsychInfo” databases through UMKC by following this link and scrolling to the appropriate database:


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