Group Presentation (30% of the overall mark) 


You have been provided with milk delivery data of a leading milk processor for a period of one year. As a group choose one plant and analyse the changes with regard to transport requirements over a period of one year. Every day a truck is loaded with milk which is stored in steel cages (Tets in data) and delivered to the retailer and empty cages are collected back to the diary (Tets out). Each truck can carry a maximum of 108 full steel cages and 2427 empty cages. On a given day, if a given route does not have the maximum capacity, it can be assumed that up to three additional routes can be added to ensure full capacity while going out. However, ensure that the chosen routes have the same origin and destination (Use routing table).  Each customer is assigned to a specific route and hence they cannot be assigned to another route. After analysing the data deliver a 20 minute presentation that encompasses at least the following:

  1. Daily trucking requirements trends for the chosen site and the interpretations that can be made
  2. Use route mapping tool to depict a sample delivery plan for a chosen route 
    1. Further analysis of the route in terms of distance travelled, delivery costs, CO2 emissions
  3. Recommendations for dealing with sudden changes in transport requirements such as Covid


Assessment Criteria:

Your capability to analyse data, rationale for the choice of route mapping tool and usage of secondary source of data for the assumptions you make. Use the presentation rubric to understand better on how you will be assessed.


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