Banking regulation and risks

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1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the risks in banking and the need for banking regulation

2. Evaluate the relationship between risk and minimum capital requirements, and the risk-based regulatory framework.

3. Demonstrate a theoretical understanding of the methods for the measurement and management of traded market risk

4. Critically assess the regulatory requirements for managing market risk and establishing minimum capital requirements

5. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the requirement for the measurement and management of treasury risk in banking in particular liquidity risk and interest rate risk in the banking book

6. Critically assess the ways in which the treasury function should ensure that minimum capital requirements are maintained.

This assignment is the form of an individual coursework report based on some topics of banking regulation and risk.

Explain the process of securitization including a diagram illustration. Further explain why it is useful and how it has been misused during the financial crisis since 2008?

Simulation Review (Quantitative evaluation): balance sheet management impact on profitability

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