Bco5001 Systems Development Design Business Investigation Assignment Report Presentation Ass

BCO5001 Systems Development & Design Business Investigation assignment – Report & Presentation This assessment contains both individual and group components Individual component (90%) 1.Choose an organisation to which you have access. This must be a ‘small’ organisation and MUST be approved by a member of the Module Team before you proceed. See ‘Project Proposal’ form (p.9) for more details of approval criteria. 2.Carry out an analysis of the business processes in the organisation 3.Produce a report, the purpose of which is to confirm your understanding of the organisation’s business processes. The report must contain the following as a minimum: a.Physical DFD (of the current system) b.Logical DFD (of the current system) • Diagrams must include: External entity descriptions, Process descriptions, I/O data flows c.UML Use Case diagrams (of the current system) d.UML Class diagram (of the current system) e.UML Sequence diagram(s) (bounded sub section of system to be modelled) f.You are also to produce a user guide for the organisation under consideration. The user guide will contain information on the new (computerised) system and how the system being developed will be used within the organisation. It will also include how risk and safety issues associated with both the system and the associated computing equipment are to be managed. You can use developed Structured or UML diagrams in this section, or describe how the future system will work. Group component (10%) 1.You will be put into groups by the module leader. You must (democratically) choose one of the topics provided by your tutors, upon which your group will research and prepare a presentation. 2.Each group member must speak. This will be after the written reports have been handed in.


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