Beowulf Homework Aristotle

Canto 36 (Lines 2605-2690) Question #1: Who is Wiglaf and what are his credentials for heroism in Anglo-Saxon terms? 


Canto 36 (Lines 2605-2690) Question #2: What words does he have for his comrades? How have they failed Beowulf in the most dire terms?


Canto 37 (Lines 2695-2750) Question #3: According to the poet, what really slew the dragon? How does he again bring our attention to a major Anglo-Saxon value? 


Canto 37 (Lines 2695-2750) Question #4: What does he send Wiglaf to claim? How does this still set a criteria for success in Anglo-Saxon terms? 


Canto 42 (Lines 3060-3135) Question #5: Why does Wiglaf lead the seven noblest Geats int the dragon tower? 


Canto 43 (Lines 3140-3180) Question #6: How does this Anglo-Saxon funeral differ from the eyewitness account read at the beginning of the unit? 


Instructions For Answering These Questions: Answer with a short simple to the point answer (2-3 sentences at most should be enough) and add a short quote from the book supporting the answer at the end. 




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