Bibl 121 New Testament



Read Berding/Williams ch. 25 and the Letter of Jude.
1. What clues does Jude give about why he is writing? What characteristics of the “intruders” make him so concerned?
2. What Old Testament stories does Jude refer to and how do these address Jude’s purpose for writing?

Now read Berding/Williams ch. 24 and the Second Letter of Peter.
3. What is Peter’s purpose for writing this letter?
4. How does 2 Peter 1:16-21 fit this purpose?
5. In what ways are Peter’s opponents similar to Jude’s opponents? In what ways are they different?
6. How do Peter’s references to the same stories as Jude differ from Jude’s references? Why do you think Peter makes these changes?
7. What are some of the things Peter says to help us think about the delay in Christ’s return?


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