Chipotle Press Release

Chipotle Press Release Question and Answers for the interview Question: What was your response to the announcement by Oregon health officials concerning the outbreak of

Same-sex Marriages

Same-sex Marriages The fight for the recognition of the members of the gay community in America has been for years and can be traced back

Privileged Communication

Privileged Communication Privileged communication comprises of two persons sharing information that remains protected legally. Neither party can be compelled to share the information nor testify

Racial Discrimination

Racial Discrimination Racial discrimination is negative views, practices and treatment towards a certain race or ethnicity. In the United States of America, racial discrimination is


Defamation is making statements that are false hence injuring a person’s reputation in the eyes of any reasonable person. The intention behind making the false

Criminal Law

Criminal law is concerned with punishing individuals who commit crimes and the form of punishment rests on the State. A crime is an act or

Contract Law

Contract law is a branch of the law that deals with the obligations set either expressly or via implication between parties. Also, it a set

Agency Law

The law of agency is a branch of the law that focuses on the fiduciary relationship between a principal and an agent. It is civil

Adoption and the Law

Adoption is the legal exercise in which a couple or individual applies to take in a child and raise it as its own after the

Points to note on MLA referencing style

Points to note on MLA referencing style MLA (Modern Language Association) referencing style uses a simpler citation format as compared to other approaches available. To



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