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1. I think that sociocultural has the biggest impact on the cereal industry. Their main target is children and teenagers. They use very colorful vivid boxes and name their cereals with stuff that would attract a child. They use TV characters and make their cereals deliciously sweet so that kids will keep wanting to eat them and parents to keep buying them. This is also why they slap the multi-grain label on the cereal, because even though we know they are packed with sugar and not good for you, you see the label and it makes you think its alright for your kids to consume it so you keep purchasing the delcious tasting cereals.


2. I believe that sociocultural environment has had the biggest impact on the cereal industry over the past 50 years. First of all, cereal targets cultures in general. Most americans eat cereal for breakfast. Which is why we find cereal in most stores. But different cultures, like hispanic for example, eat other things for breakfast. Cereal companies know which cultures to target and how to advertise within that culture. Right now the big thing is health. You see it on so many brands, even unhealthy cereals like lucky charms are saying they are multi-grain trying to increase sells. I remember being little and wanting so bad to buy a box of Wheaties because Micheal Jordan was on the cover of it. Adults knew that wheaties were suppose to be good for you. But all kids see were how boring they looked and wanted the shiny colorful Trix instead. But when they put Jordan on the cover they were targeting a younger audience. Now days they do the same thing with things like “chance to win free Dre Beats inside” etc.


3. My decision was a tossup between sociocultural, completive and economic forces. In my opinion I would say that the sociocultural force has had the largest impact on the cereal industry. This is because of what is seen through advertising, on the boxes and talk among people. Even when the economy drops most cereal customers who are used to eating cereal on a regular basis will most likely continue to buy cereal, especially if they have children. Although they might decide to switch to an off brand or even a bulk buy such as the bulk area in Winco.


4. In my opinion, the sociocultural environment has been the biggest impact on the cereal industry in the past 50 years. I believe this because every box of cereal will make its healthy nutrition facts stand out to the consumer. For example, we all know that Lucky Charms isn’t the healthiest cereal out there, yet the multi-grain label they put on it lets us think that buying still can be healthy. Societies new norm is being healthy and fit, and buy cereal companies making the healthy nutrition facts pop out, it advertises that the cereal is healthy for you. 


5. Two cereals that i believe are doing great branding would be Trix and Cheerios. Trix is very effective in branding because the commercials have a rabbit that is very silly and tries to get the cereal but he never gets it because “Trix are for kids”. Cheerios is very effective as well because most of the commercials are recommending for people to eat them to reduce high cholesterol and thast it is very healthy and very tasty to eat as well.


6. Two examples of branded cereals are Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms. These are a couple very well known popular cereals, so i do believe that the branding is effective. I think the branding, along with the bright colored packaging is what makes them stand out in the aisle. The commercials are targeted toward children and have been on television even since I was a child and I love those cereals, so you know they are working!


give a 3-4 sentences reply to each these answer!



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