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Alex, George and Nigel are all friends and business associates.

On 5th December 2020 Alex reversed his car over George’s foot whilst distracted by a
passing supermodel. Nigel witnessed the accident and felt emotionally distressed. He was
alleging this because he had nightmares for several weeks after the incident.

On 10th January 2021 Nigel saw Alex at their neighbour’s dinner party and asked him
whether he would be willing to sell him his antique dining table and 6 chairs, and if so,
what the lowest price that he would accept would be. Alex replied that he wouldn’t accept

anything less than £6,000. A few hours later and following a few glasses of wine, Nigel e-
mailed Alex stating that he accepted to buy the antique dining table and six chairs for

£6,000 and that he would transfer the money to him electronically on the same evening.

He also printed out his e-mail and posted a copy to Alex’s home address. Nigel fell asleep
immediately after posting the letter, but transferred the money the following morning.
However, Alex refused to hand the dining table and six chairs over to Nigel.

In February of the same year, when George had recovered from his injuries, he
approached Nigel with a view to engaging him to build an extension to his businesses
premises, a small bookshop cafe. He made it very clear that the work needed to be done
by the 1st September, in time for an inspection from the local authority. The cost of the
extension was agreed at £25,000. By the 5th July, George was getting a little concerned
about the lack of progress. He approached Nigel to ask if everything was going to plan.
Nigel explained that he had encountered some difficulties and that he was unlikely to finish
the job by the deadline unless George gave him £5000 extra to recruit temporarily workers
to help him and hire better machinery. George reluctantly agreed to this because he was
worried that his bookshop cafe would fail the inspection. The work was finished in time,
but George is refusing to pay the extra £5000.

The three friends clearly have some issues to resolve!

• Your first task is to identify the legal issues raised by the facts. You should also
identify the actions (if any) potentially available to each party based on the facts.

• In relation to each issue identified, you need to advise the parties as to the most
appropriate method(s) available for settling the dispute in question.

• You must also advise each party on the possible legal arguments available to them if
they choose to go to court. In this advice you should make reference to appropriate
case law authority and any other material which you may feel is relevant.


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