Business Responsibility and Sustainability

Assessment Task

The focus of this assignment is the critical evaluation of corporate social responsibility related topics.

Your task is to select ONE of the following topics and write a critical essay of 2,000 words (maximum word limit will be + 10% of 2000 words).

Topics (Please select ONE topic for your essay)

Topic 1:
Craig Smith (2003, p 53) defines CSR as comprising of ‘the obligations of the firm to society or, more specifically, the firm’s stakeholders – those affected by corporate policies and practices. While businesses have largely acknowledged the need for CSR, some scholars have questioned the relevance and applicability of CSR to profit-making entities. Discuss the arguments for and against CSR, using examples to substantiate your discussion. Conclude your discussion by presenting your own view of CSR.

Topic 2:
Schwartz and Carroll (2015) present a ‘three-domain model of CSR’ comprising of economic, legal, and ethical domains of corporate responsibility. Their model, identifies seven CSR categories, depicting the overlapping nature of the three domains of CSR. Select a multinational corporation and apply Schwartz and Carroll (2015)’s seven CSR categories to evaluate their CSR. Critically evaluate the MNCs engagement in CSR, by examining the extent to which its CSR activities are representative of each of the seven CSR categories.

Topic 3
An economy in which ‘nature’ is treated as a ‘finite’ resource rather than in terms of abundance will affect the landscape of MNCs activities. As such a Resource constrained economy (RCE) has far-reaching implications for business sustainability. Provide a critical analysis of how MNCs could use the ‘five capitals model’ to achieve business sustainability.

Topic 4
Given the enormity of humanity’s social and environmental problems, there is growing concern about MNC initiatives to address critical issues such as carbon footprint. Discuss ‘why’ multinational corporations are held accountable for unsustainable behaviour, as well as ‘what’ multinational corporations should do to strengthen their obligations in a specific global sector that includes the social, political, and environmental domains.


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