buying insurance and equipment and finish making business plan

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For the business you have to choose and used for the other assignments:

  1. Identify the right questions to be asked when purchasing equipment;
  2. What expenses are involved in purchasing the equipment,
  3. Identify the legal duty that health and fitness providers owe to their clients, explain the importance of having the right Insurance;
  4. Evaluate the market your business will be located in(population, ages, disposable income, etc.)

Reminder: is all about the costs associated with your decisions!

  • Make sure you are using Excel spreadsheet to include every line item for your budgets!

Use chapters 15, 16 and 17 for this assignment

Create a business plan where you will bring together all the individual assignments in a refined way.

It must include:

  • Headers ( title)
  • Footers (page number)
  • Cover page
  • Executive summary
  • Mission statement (present of your company)
  • Vision statement (future of your company)
  • Description of your company products/services
  • Organization of your company (organizational chart, legal constitution of the company)
  • Budgets associated with all the initial investment and administrative costs( do not forget any of the costs occurred for salaries, marketing, promotions, stationary, rent, electricity, security, equipment, insurance, maintenance, miscellaneous) calculated per month for one year.
  • Make sure you are using Excel spreadsheet to include every line item for your budgets!
  • Use APA style sixth edition in you business plan (Word should have it already formatted)
  • Make sure you do have a reference page at the end(APA style) when using statistics, citations, and any other work done by someone else. If you do not, is called plagiarizing and is ground for your expelling.


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