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Part 1

Watch the video at the following link:

Affirmative action is both a legal and emotional issue affecting employees and employers. Do you support or oppose affirmative action as an employer policy? Develop as many arguments as you can to support your stance.

Should be at least 250 words, and should reference at least one scholarly source other than the textbook. Referencing should follow current APA style (an excellent reference is the Purdue University Online Writing Lab-the Purdue OWL, located at

Part 2…

Please submit your answers in a separate Microsoft Word document.

Students should respond to the questions at the end of the assigned case in essay format by typing their answers, citing to information from the textbook, and considering possible corelating situations in the field of Criminal Justice. Students should include their Name, Date, and Course Information as a header. APA style must be utilized for citations. Students will be graded on thoroughness of answer, sentence structure, proper use of English Grammar, and use of citations.


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