Career Abstract (BLS occupational analyses)

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Career Abstract (BLS occupational analyses): Each student is required to research and write one (1.5-2.0 pages, not including cited material) report on an occupational area. The occupational area must come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics classification system (under master category NAICS 481000) for employment opportunities in the AirTransportation industry sector. The abstract may be on either a “flying” occupation (flight or cabin crew) or “non-flying”occupation. The abstract will consist of the following sections: Header, Duties and Responsibilities, and Hiring Outlook. The Header section includes your name and BLS descriptive data. Start with the NAICS classification, title of the occupation, percent of jobs (out of total aviation jobs in database), and mean annual salary. This header information will be followed by the BLS position description. Duties and Responsi bilities will expand the BLS position description to include more “day to day detail” of what a typical person holding the job would be expected to do (4-5 paragraphs), as well as a description of any training/education requirements for the job. Finally, the student will perform an analysis of the economic and hiring outlook for this occupation, using outsi de resources (4-5 paragraphs). At least two outside resources must be used in addition to the BLS database. Also, at least one must be a non-web source. Provide citations to outsi de sources using the MLA format. Length is limited to two pages (10 point single space and 1 inch margins)


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