Case Analysis

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Case: Starbucks Coffee Company: Transformation and Renewal **Please focus on pages 1-22 (finish before the section titled ‘Operational Close-up’, about half-way down page 22).

**Case Analysis (for your learning):

  1. What are the most important factors behind Starbucks decline in 2007-08? What strategies led to this? What was the impact of competitor threats?
  2. How does understanding the environment form the basis of developing strong strategy? What examples can you highlight from the cases (pages 1-22)?
  3. What observations can you make about the leadership team and their approach to strategy development?
  4. Conduct a SWOT analysis of Starbucks in the 2007-08 period. What would the 3-5 most critical insights of your analysis be?

Case Reflection and Debrief Report:

  1. Prepare your 300-word report. Address the three (3) questions outlined in the case debrief and reflection report brief (not the learning questions above).


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