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Case Study: You are the Food and Beverage Director for an independent 150 room boutique hotel in South Florida. This hotel has an elegant front desk with two- check in stations in the main lobby with an intimate cocktail lounge to the side. An upscale dining room with 60 seats serves a continental breakfast and lunch and dinner a la carte. The pool deck area accommodates 80 guests with 10 private cabanas each with the capacity for 4 people. There is a small gym and spa that has a limit of 10 people. The hotel has all the amenities that a small luxury hotel offers to the guests, such as valet, concierge, room service and turn down service. The hotel grounds are well manicured with mature palm trees, lush vegetation, secluded sitting areas and paved walking paths that wind around the property. The hotel has a small but dedicated staff of 29 full time and 11 part time employees who are cross trained in many areas of the hotel. All the 40 employees are eager to get back to work, but with limited hotel revenue, your budget cannot afford to bring everyone back to his/her former job.

Directions: The student will scan the South Florida hospitality environment and research articles related to the Covid 19 pandemic. The student will list and describe in detail essential changes in operating procedures that must now be implemented in the hotel. The student will also explore creative ways to help his/her staff. In addition, the student will research new specific tools that are used in the hospitality industry to help keep both employees and guests safe.

*This assignment will have a title and header, be typed in a Word document in Times New Roman font 12 point, double spaced and between 500-700 words. Use either MLA or APA. When referring or quoting articles from your research, be sure to cite your sources.

Employees: 1 General Manager full time 2 F&B Managers full time- supervise employees and operations. 1 Front desk supervisor full time 3 Front desk/reception 2 full time 1 part time 2 Night audit 1 full time, 1 part time. 1 Rooms supervisor full time 10 Housekeepers 6 full time 4 part time 3 laundry 2 full time 1 part time 3 Maintenance and grounds full time 2 Valet park/doormen full time 1 Chef full time 4 Cooks 2 full time, 2 part time 3 dishwashers 2 full time 1 part time 2 bartenders 1full time 1 part time 1 purchasing agent full time 1 receiving agent full time


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