Communication Challenges

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Select either Option A or Option B and indicate in your post which option you have selected.

Option A:

Compared to a non-healthcare organization, a manager must have a

special skill set for communicating with health professionals and non

professionals within a health care organization. What do you believe are

those particular skill sets? What are the ethical, financial, and legal

implications for communication within a health care organization? What

are the some of the primary barriers to communication between a manager

and his/her staff?

Option B: Case Study: Your Word Against His


the details of the case “Your Word Against His” in your course text.

Describe in detail any options you could pursue to set the matter

straight for all parties who received the wrong information, while

incurring the minimum possible public disfavor by the vice president. In

addition, describe what you think went wrong this in case. Where was

the communication breakdown, and how could it have been avoided?


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