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  • Chapter 10 Data Files

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    As you read through Chapter 10 for this week, these examples of the case studies presented might help to further your understanding.  I would suggest reading through the chapter and using these programming examples to work through the the chapter examples.  I’ve also included the figures from Chapter 10.

  • Article #4

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    First, read the attached article, New Arsenal of Risk Management.  I would strongly recommend reading this article earlier in the week, rather than waiting.Then respond to the article in two parts:

    1. Briefly summarize the article in no more than 1.5 pages, paying close attention to the case studies and section headings in your summary. Be sure to write in the third person and avoid slang.  I don’t require strict APA style formatting, but professionalism is required.*  
    2. List three lessons learned of the material presented.  These can be informal thoughts – we’ll discuss these also as a class later in the week.

    I’ve included the rubric and feedback form that I will use to evaluate your article response.  Please keep these requirements in mind as you summarize the article.*If time permits, you may want to run your summary through SmartThinking, under the Tutoring tab. DUE NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 28, MIDNIGHT ET   //slight extension for the US Thanksgiving holiday

  • Week 7 Discussion

    Why do we typically set the decisions of a model equal to an arbitrary number in order to find a maximum or minimum? (Example: the advertising budget starts at an equal $10,000 a quarter).  What makes this a best practice? Are there other best practices you can think of to set up optimization models?

  • Week 7 – Weekly Problems

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    As a first part of this week’s exercises, I want you to walk through the chapter’s programming examples (Advertising Budget, pg207 – 213; Facility Location, pg218 – 220; Revenue Maximization, pg220 – 222; and Economic Order Quantity, pg225 – 227).  The book has already provided the answers – I just want to see that you’ve walked through the examples.  I’ve included the “starting” data for you to work from.    Second, this week’s problem is Chapter 10, Exercise 1 (Location Problem revisited).  I’ve given you the set of input data as well as some guidance on how to answer the questions.  You will use Solver to answer the questions. DUE NOVEMBER 25TH, MIDNIGHT ET

  • Week 7 Discussion: New Arsenal of Risk Management

    After reading the article for this week, New Arsenal of Risk Management, why was Goldman Sachs so successful?  After doing a quick search on the Internet, are they still as successful today?

  • Week 7 Discussion: Risk Tools

    The article for this week, The New Arsenal of Risk Management, talks about the handheld electronic calculator being a game changer for options-pricing modeling.  First, why was it such a game changer?  Second, is there any other ‘game-changer’ technology that you can think of that has been used in recent times to advance financial modeling?

  • Final Project, Part I

    Final Project, Part IDue December 2, 2012, 50pts

    For your final project, you will build and optimize a nonlinear model.  This model will be a design of your own choosing and the topic must first be cleared by the professor. Part I: Define your model, model decisions and how you will evaluate outcomes.Examples:  a building project (building a house addition for example); saving for retirement; the cost of for-profit education; inventory maintenanceThis assignment must be between 1 and 2 pages (but no more than 2).  Introduce your model by explaining what it is and why you are choosing it.  Define your parameters (controllable variables – what you have influence over) and main objective (what are you trying to do? Maximize profit? Minimize cost?).   **Part II will be to sketch your model on paper, so be prepared for that.


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