Constitution Essay Assignment


This paper must compare and contrast the Missouri state constitution, the US constitution, and the constitution of the country for which you will write a Country Profile Report(Vietnam).

  • This paper should consist of 3 sections. In the first section, you want to briefly introduce which constitutions you will be discussing in your essay. In other words, you want to include a brief introduction to your paper. In the second section (the main part of the paper), you are expected to discuss 3 similarities and 3 differences between all 3 constitutions. So, for example, you could compare and contrast the types of rights granted by these 3 constitutions. Or you could discuss the powers granted to the executives by these 3 constitutions. (You just need to make sure that you discuss all 3 constitutions throughout your paper. If you do not, you will at a minimum lose 1 full letter grade for this oversight. In addition, you MUST provide information about where the things that you talk about in your paper are found specifically in all 3 of the constitutions.) In the third section of your paper (your conclusion), you should discuss how constitutions of lower level governments, like the State of Missouri, compare and contrast to the constitutions of national level governments. How are they similar and different? Do the constitutions of lower level governments play a different role than that of constitutions of national level governments?
  • You should consult the following web sources for copies of these constitutions:
    • (for the Missouri constitution)

This paper should be a minimum of 1000 words long — double-spaced, and using 12 point font and regular margins.





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