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Payroll Worksheet The first worksheet, Payroll, will be used to keep track of the monthly payroll. An example and detailed instructions are given below. You should use cell references as appropriate. When input values (i.e. salary, pay rate and number of hours worked) change, the output values should change accordingly. In other words, don’t just type the numbers you see in the example.Please refer to the example on the next page as you read through the detailed instructions that follow. If the instructions don’t specify a detail (such as font size), pick values that produce a result similar to the example. Your result should look similar to the example, but it doesn’t have to look exactly like the example.

Scholarships Worksheet The second worksheet, Scholarships, will be used to compare different options for granting scholarships. The University has a large endowment and wishes to fund scholarships from the interest earned on the endowment. Your task is to create a spreadsheet that will help them decide between two options they are considering. The first option is to grant one scholarship every year. The second option is to grant 2 scholarships every 2 years. The average value of the scholarships with the second option will be larger because interest is allowed to accrue over two years rather than one. The


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