Current Issues in Psychology PSY-499-OL02: 4 Classmate Discussion Responses & Annotated Bib (1 source)

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-I am in need of responses for 4 classmate discussions (150-200 words each) & 1 annotated bibliography with one peer-reviewed source.

****I will provide the classmate discussions once the question has been approved (they are all approx. 2 paragraphs long)****

Annotated Bib instructions:

You will submit your fifth annotated bibliography. This is a clear and concise summary (200 to 300 words) of a peer-reviewed journal, article, book, or

other primary academic source
that will be used in


. Each submission must also include a brief critique of the source (e.g., how could the study be improved, criticism of the author(s) assertions, ideas for future studies, etc.).

****Important*** The thesis paper is on evolutionary psychology; I will provide the thesis here- The expression of basic emotions, such as joy and sadness is similar across the different cultural groups in the world.


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