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A regional bank has decided to open an office overseas for serving those businesses that are expanding internationally. Choose a country with a large financial center that you believe would be helpful to your customer base.

  • Discuss some of the challenges you may face in this new environment.
    • What are the cultural, ethnic, social, and educational characteristics?
  • Describe the political and legal systems.
  • How much does the government intervene in the private sector?
    • How will that affect your financial institution?
  • What type of economic system does it have?
    • What is the history of that economic system?
  • How is the country involved in international trade?
    • How does the government get involved in trade issues?
    • Will that help or hurt your financial institution?


  • 1- James Hand
  • IntroductionI believe and settle in China for the regional bank’s overseas office. China would be essential and helpful to the local bank since it is a large financial center brought about by its massive economy and will be useful in serving to grow the customer base.Challenges faced in the New Environment, Cultural, Ethnic, Social and Educational CharacteristicsThe regional bank may experience an array of challenges in China, including a variation in the business ethos, unfamiliarity and language barrier in their new environment and the human resource challenges. For instance, expansion in the Chinese economy leads to a change in the business culture since most Chinese operations are traditionally related. It might take the regional bank some time to alter its practices to fit into the culture. Moreover, the language barrier leads to miscommunication and misunderstanding with the Chinese locals hence complicating the bank’s operations. Furthermore, the Chinese norm advocates more about establishing healthy relationships. Another ethnic characteristic of the Chinese is that most of its citizens use their local language, which may make our regional operations complex due to the lack of familiarity to communicate and have various business negotiationsPolitical and Legal Systems and Government’s Intervention in the Private Sector and How the Intervention Affects My Financial Institution The Chinese political system is divided into various sections governed by a constitution with a network of self –governance. The legal system is subdivided into three arms mainly, the Executive, Judiciary, and the Legislature wielding different roles and power. Notably, the Chinese local administration intervenes in the private sector by determining the various interest rates and controlling the various private organizations from venturing in commercial activities. Consequently, the Chinese intervention negatively affects our regional bank since the administration regulates its interest rates, making foreign investors’ activities in our bank limited.Chinese Economic System and History of the Economic System The Chinese economy applies the socialist trading system, which has been in use since the eighties’ early years. The Socialist market system was introduced by Deng Xiaoping when he assumed power. Over time, the Vietnamese locals adopted and perfected the marketing system through their leader, which led to its widespread to all the Chinese citizens and locals.Chinese Involvement in International Trade and the Government Involvement and the Government and how it the Regional Bank’s OperationsChina is always involved in international trade through its imports and exports, such as electronics and its investment in foreign countries company stock and its various constructions such as road construction in other countries. Moreover, the Chinese government is involved in international trade by setting significant trade rules and the numerous laws regulating foreign investments such as finance and telecommunication with its jurisdiction and borders. Consequently, the Chinese regulation of the imports and exports is beneficial to the regional bank as it stabilizes the economy that helps manage inflation rates, thus improving the value of money.

2- Andrea Ellison

London England has had a top financial center since the nineteenth century. In more recent years London and New York city have been battling for the top spot as the worlds leading financial center, and New York has finally taken the top spot. Regardless, London is the home of The London Stock Exchange, and The Bank of England, which is the second oldest bank. London’s financial center has been a hub for the world’s lending and investment options for many, many years.

According to Webber (2019), while English is the primary language in both the United States and London, there can be different variations of words and phrases. He went on to mention that by saying, “Let’s do lunch!” which would be fairly common in the United States, would be taken very literal in the United Kingdom. I can be somewhat confusing (para 5). Other common things to keep in mind when considering culture would be, work habits. According to Webber (2019), Americans tend to be much more dedicated to work that someone in London. You would need to be prepared for them to expect more vacation time, lunches, and breaks than someone in the United States would expect. An example of this would be that many Americans often eat lunch while at their desks, working, and only take short breaks to use the restroom. In the United Kingdom, they’re accustomed to getting multiple breaks throughout the day, along with a full hour lunch break (para 3-4).

“The UK is a constitutional monarchy. The Head of State is the monarch (not a president), whose duties, functions and powers are conscribed by convention. One of the conventions is that the monarch is politically neutral.England and Wales operate a common law system which combines the passing of legislation but also the creation of precedents through case law. The laws are established by the passing of legislation by Parliament which consists of the ‘Monarch’, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The House of Commons is directly elected by the people and the Prime Minister is traditionally a member of this House. The Court System and case law are controlled by the judiciary which is completely separate to Parliament.” (Bodleian, 2020).

The United Kingdom government has the authority to intervene in any transaction that may be of “public interest” or “legitimate interest” such as media and national security. “Both domestic and foreign investors must comply with the same UK merger control regime contained in the Enterprise Act 2002. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), exercises control over mergers of enterprises which meet certain turnover or market share thresholds.” (Lopes, 2020. para 14). Because London has such a large financial sector, there should not be any types of issues with running a new bank in this area.

Previous to COVID-19 the economy of London was very stable as it had been for many, many years. As of February 2020, there was a large decline in the economic value of the United Kingdom as a whole. As of June 2020, things did start to rise again however are still more than 23% lower than previous years. For the three months to June the London employment rate was 76.5%, and the UK rate was 76.4%. While this is a scary time for most countries in the world, I think things will eventually get better. While things may not be the same as they used to be, and many countries will have to continue to build from the devastation that this pandemic has caused, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Because the financial sector is and has been so strong in London, to still think there would be a positive outcome from opening a bank in London.

The total number of imports and exports accounts for nearly half of London’s gross domestic product. They trade things like automobiles, machinery, chemicals, oil, and computers. Financial services are also a major export that helps balance London’s trade value. This is something that is also continuing to rise. Because this is something that continues to rise, this shows that the involvement in imports and exports can only have a positive impact on starting a new business, especially a bank, in London (Prestwich, 2020).


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