Deontology Paper (Kant)

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PHI 1600

Second Written Assignment

Read chapter 3, watch Week 6 Lectures, and watch the films “Gone Baby Gone” and “Sleepers”. Pick one movie and apply Kant’s moral philosophy to judge the MAIN FINAL action. For “Gone Baby Gone” judge Patrick’s final decision and for “Sleepers” judge the priest’s final decision. Judging any other action in the movie is an automatic zero. 500 words minimum in MLA format. Due on August 15th

*You must apply Kant’s 3 premises (course materials) for 50 points and Michael Sandel’s 3 contrasts (Week 6 Lecture “Mind your Motive”) for 50 points.

Textbook: Revel for Ethics: Theory and Practice, Updated Edition — Combo Access Card (11th Edition), 09780135248058

by Jacques Thiroux (Author), Keith Krasemann (Author)

Edition: 11 (08/03/2019) Publisher: PearsonMisc. Supplies 480 pages

ISBN: 0135248051 / 9780135248058


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