Developing skills in collecting and analysing data relevant to humans and human activities by exploring human interactions using task analysis and interviews.


Topic: Select one of the following:

  • Investigate the task of washing up using a dishwasher for cutlery, crockery, glass ware and saucepans to include drying and replacing in cupboard or drawers
  • Investigate the task of washing clothes (laundry) using a washing machine and dryer (or line/air drying)
    1. Using a supermarket auto checkout to explore a specific experience of shopping 
  • Discuss another topic with Sue


  • You must manage social distancing according to current guidance.  For example, we recommend using a mixture of face-to-face data collection within a household combined with online interviews/observations (videos). 
  • Observations can include short videos of the task, task simulations, on-line demonstrations – be creative!  
  • You could also use YouTube videos e.g. 
  • Use the data/information you collect to describe/show problems with the task.
  • Make recommendations to improve the task
  • Select one part of the task (from HTA) to do a detailed Link Analysis (e.g. control panel, room layout).


The report should include:

  • Data from 4-6 participants.
  • Summary HTA combined from individual detailed HTAs using plans to show differences in task actions
  • Detailed Link Analysis of a component of the task 
  • Interviews to explore actions, preferences, obstacles etc. 
  • Discussion of whole task to triangulate the data from the HTAs, LAs and Interviews



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