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Around 1500 words. I attached the ppt of this class. Choose a person from these ppt.

Digital Poster Prompt

For this assignment you will pick one person we have learned about, this term, and do some extra research. This can include authors who wrote our primary/secondary sources, or someone we met through readings/lectures. Your poster must include images of your subject (if available), and needs to situate this person within their historical context. Tell me:

  1. Who they were?
  2. When they were born, when they died [Approximate if necessary]?
  3. Where they were from?
  4. Poster may also include images of where the person was from, or images that detail information about the person’s life in other ways: uprisings, profession, publications, family, social movements etc.
  5. The historical significance of this person, and why we need to remember them? This will include bringing in assigned primary and secondary source material from course and lecture materials where applicable to situate your subject within their historical context. You may do additional internet research, but assigned course materials must still be used.
  6. This poster must reflect on the field of American history using your subject as an entry point to discuss this discipline. What does this person tell us about American history? Why should we remember them?
  7. Be sure to include a small works cited section somewhere on the poster that includes full citations for all source material with full Chicago-style citations.


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