Discussion 8

Students are well aware of the stress associated with school, work, families, and relationships; striving for success in all of these areas tends to overload anyone. According to a recent study at Kansas State University, today’s college students are twice as likely to be depressed, and three times more likely to be suicidal than they were a decade ago.

I’m curious…

  • Why do you think Depression rates are much higher in the College Students of today?
  • The website “Campus Calm” believes that young women often feel like they have to work much harder than boys to feel “good enough,” which contributes to higher levels of burnout and lower self-confidence…and thoughts?
  • As a College Student…
    • What makes you Sad?
    • What signs do you recognize in your own Sadness or Depression?
    • What do you do when you are “down or depressed”?


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