Discussion Requires You Visit All These Websites And Take All These Personality Tests Httpww

This discussion requires you to visit ALL of these websites and take all these personality tests. http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/ This is a version of the big five personality test. http://www.colorquiz.com/ Each time you choose a color, it will disappear. Keep picking colors in the order of your preference. http://www.psicologi-psicoterapeuti.it/test/testpersonalita.html Quick and easy personality test. After visiting ALL of these sites compare the results of your tests. Answer ALL of the questions 1. Did you get the same results in each of the tests? Do you think the test captured your “true” personality? Do you agree with the results of the tests? Why or why not? Give full detailed explanations of your opinions. ( 3 points) 2. Describe the kind of personality tests you think these are. Make connections to information from your textbook. What theories would back up each type of test? Use detailed and specific information from the textbook (chapter 12 with PAGE NUMBER REFERENCES). (3 points) 3. (4 points) Give us your opinion of the activity and the website. Describe the connections that can be made with chapter 1, the section on critical thinking in your textbook (be specific and GIVE PAGE REFERENCES). Have you ever completed other “personality tests”? How reliable are these personality tests? Should the information from the website be trusted? Why or why not? What changes should be made in order for personality tests be considered scientific? Here is an overview of critical thinking for your review: Clarify what you mean. Avoid oversimplifying. Avoid overgeneralizing. Don’t confuse correlation with causation. Consider the assumptions upon which claims are based. Examine sources of claims. Question the evidence upon which claims are based. Consider alternative ways of explaining claims. Additionally, the book presented a section titled “Thinking Critically About Online Information” Don’t suspend your skeptical attitude when online! Most trustworthy online information comes from well-known scientific sources. Link between heavy Internet use and poorer academic performance 4. Remember that you must read all posts before yours and add something new to the discussion. 5. Subsequent postings (for extra credit points) can be your own questions, comments or a response to a fellow student’s question or comments (as always, mention them by name). To earn all the points possible for discussions, refer to the post titled “Description of assignment” in the Discussions instructions.


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