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After reading and charting Robert L. Heilbroner’s essay on stereotypical perception, post your candidate for Heilbroner’s main argument (thesis).

Our class has been split into four small groups labeled after gemstones just to emphasize that your contributions are precious. Most groups have four participants, and you will see the posts only within your group.

After getting all your candidates posted, comment on each other’s hypotheses to negotiate the best group candidate for Heilbroner’s main argument. You might find it useful to articulate this candidate together or to edit the candidate proposed by one of your group members. All participants get credit regardless of the ultimate choice of the hypothetical thesis. To receive the total of 5 points, a participant has to propose her or his candidate, respond to candidates of the remaining group members, and to take part in the shaping of the group candidate.

After the deadline, I will monitor the results of your discussion and include the selected six candidates (one per group) in my presentation on the method of determining an essay’s main argument (thesis).

Shine on, you busy gemstones! (to paraphrase a popular Pink Floyd’s tune (Links to an external site.) from the 1970s)


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