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I just want you to type your own opinions on your own words without sources, its a discussion. Answer these two related questions in different word files, 2 word files in total about 2-3 paragraphs each one. READ the discussions carefully and type your thoughts and opinions on your own words carefully:

Topics :

1- Both the capital asset pricing model and the arbitrage pricing theory rely on the proposition that a no-risk, no-wealth investment should, on average, no return. Explain why this should be the case, being sure to describe briefly the similarities and differences between the CAPM and the APT. Also, using either of these theories, explain how superior investment performance can be established.

2-How might a jewelry store and a grocery store differ in terms of asset turnover and profit margin? Would you expect their return on assets to differ assuming equal business risk? Discuss.

*note* this is a finance class.


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