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Prior to reading another essay by Walter Mosley, try an easy, yet effective technique to engage yourself with the text assigned for reading. This technique asks you to generate a few meaningful questions based on the title of the piece, in this case “Show Me the Money”:

  • What money?
  • Who should show the money?
  • Who is the person to whom the money should be shown?
  • Why should anyone show money to anyone else?
  • Who cares if they do or don’t?

Obviously, you cannot answer these questions unless you read the essay, but that’s not the point. The point is that by generating these questions, you will be expecting to see the answers to them in the text; as a result, your reading would likely be more focused, and you’ll be more prepared to dissect this argument after reading. If you ever caught your mind wandering off while your eyes were sliding over the text lines, this method of engagement with reading will do you good.

Now, with the above questions in mind, go ahead and read this argument by Walter Mosley and chart it, as we charted his first essay, to distill its points so that by surveying his essential points afterwards, you’ll be in a better position to decide on his main argument.

Type your take on Mosley’s main argument underneath the chart.

Save the completed chart as a PDF and submit for evaluation.


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