English Phonetics and Linguistics

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What Maxim(s) are violated (flouted) in the following dialogues: Explain your answer and state the reason why the maxim(s) are flouted:

1. • Teacher: Why didn’t you do your homework?

• Student: May I go and get some water? I’m so thirsty.2. • Sarah: Did you enjoy the party last night?

• Anna: There was plenty of oriental food on the table, lots of flowers all over the place, people hanging around chatting with each other…Question 2: (10 marks)

Write a paragraph (100 words) explaining the differences between Derivational and inflectional bound morphemes. Support your answer with examples.

Question 3: (5 marks)

Give a full morphological analysis of the following words, indicating the type of morpheme (bound or free, prefix or suffix and derivational or inflectional)

1. intentional

2. excitedly

3. feet

4. butcher

5. disregarding

Question 4: (5 marks)

State the word class of the underlined words: (for example: a noun, verb, conjunction, etc.)

1. She is really nice, but she can be nasty occasionally.

2. The empty cup was washed.

3. We walked home slowly.

4. The man I respect most is Bill.

5. This castle was built in the 12th century.

Question 5: (10 marks)

a.Underline the predicate in the following sentences. b.Put the verb between brackets and c.identify its type.

1. This flower smells nice.

2. The taxi has arrived.

3. The class elected Mary president.

4. Ali gave Mona an apple.

5. Mohamed Ali Clay defeated the other great champions.

Question 6: (5 marks)

Identify the word formation process of the following words, e.g. clipping, acronyms, blending, compounding and affixation:

1. Housewife

2. Bath

3. Motel

4. Unintentional

5. VIP

Question 7: (5 marks)

Are the following statements True or False: Correct the false statements.

1. The four maxims of Cooperative Principle are quantity, quality, relation and manner _____________________________________________________________________

2. A simple sentence includes two independent clauses that are joined by ‘and’, ‘or’, or ‘but’.


3. In Cooperative Principle, the maxim of manner is the relevance of the current topic of conversation. ______________________________________________________________________

4. Word order is not essential to the meaning of English sentences..


5. Observing politeness norms is so essential in our daily discourse, formal or informal ________________________________________________________________________


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