Entrepreneurship and Innovation

1. Introduction to the sustainable development goal and the different global stakeholders

2. Description of the challenge using the Ingenuity process questions (who is affected, where
does the problem occur, what are the consequences and why does the problem exist)

3. Discuss your proposed solution highlighting potential demand, innovativeness of the idea,
feasibility and attractiveness and how these contribute to entrepreneurial success or failure
4. Use of resources and evidence of reading and research 10%
This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:
1. Critically evaluate key theoretical concepts underpinning technological change, innovation and
entrepreneurship shaped by organisational, economic and social factors.
2. Explore and synthesise various options in technology/innovation policy and how these reflect different
criteria used by different global stakeholders and entrepreneurs.


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3. Critically analyse the individual characteristics and social forces associated with entrepreneurs and
innovators, and the skills required to be an entrepreneur/innovator, how these can contribute to
entrepreneurial success or failure.


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