Ethics And Professional Practice

TaskLength: The maximum number of words set for this assignment is 350/answer. However, it is expected that answers to the assignment questions be succinct (i.e. precise and concise) with all sources of information fully referenced.
 Instructions Answer the following questions: 1. Summarize and critique the principal aspects of the perspective of cyberethics as a field of professional ethics.
 2. Can professional codes guide engineers in determining when it would be appropriate to blow the whistle? Explain with suitable examples. 3. Why do we need ethical theories? Explain from a cyberethics perspective. 4. Review the Value Sensitive Design (VSD) method. Should VSD, or something similar to it, be required for the design of all safety-critical and life-critical software? 5. Do computer/IT professionals have special moral responsibilities that ordinary computer users do not have? Justify your answer.


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