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    Don’t obsess about the citation style for the final essay; parenthetical citations are
    acceptable. The main thing to keep in mind is that I want to be able find what you cite,
    so follow the citation instructions provided in the first take-home essay instructions.
    Please note further that you may only use the course textbook (Western Civilizations),
    The Gods Will Have Blood, The Bürgermeister’s Daughter, online readings, course
    handouts, and lecture notes to write the final essay. For all readings, using the author’s
    name and page number is sufficient (Coffin & Stacey, 356; Ozment, 44; France, 177;
    Barker, 712; and etc.). Remember to use evidence and examples drawn from the assigned
    readings and lecture to support your arguments. Write historically-informed essays!
    Wikipedia, encyclopedias, and websites are banned and essays that use them will
    receive an “F.” Late essays—those turned in either on or after 4:01 pm on December 20
    —will not be accepted and will receive zero points. Format your essay in the same
    manner as the first take-home essay; hence, refer to those instructions for the first takehome essay. Incorrectly formatted essays will not be accepted!
    Write a full four-page (not counting the cover page), approximately 1,100 word essay that
    responds to one of the questions that follow below:
    1. Defend or refute this argument: The Reign of Terror that lasted from September
    1793 to July 1794 resulted entirely from the paranoia of Robespierre and his
    fervent supporters like the fictional Gamelin. The terror was implemented to
    respond to counter-revolutionary phantoms rather than real anti-republican
    2. Defend or refute this argument: Revolutionary politicians like Robespierre and the
    fictional Gamelin violated every article of the Declaration of the Rights of Man
    and Citizen when they helped construct a French regime that made “terror the
    order of the day” from approximately September 1793 to July 1794.
    3. Defend or refute this argument: As soon as French revolutionaries drastically
    reduced the power of the aristocracy, the French Church, and the Bourbon
    monarchy, both counter-revolutionary violence and revolutionary terror became
    4. Defend or refute this argument: While bloody and brutal, the Reign of Terror was
    entirely justified because it saved the revolutionary democratic republic. From
    September 1793 to July 1794, Robespierre and men like the fictional Gamelin
    were selfless patriots who saved France from chaos and devastation.
    15. 5. Defend or refute this argument: From roughly 1620 to 1815, the increasing
    application of reason and rationality to European governing practices created a
    safer, more prosperous, and peaceful Europe.
    Keep in mind that your final essay must be at least four pages of text long (not counting
    the cover page). Late take-home essays will not be accepted.

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