Financial Statement Analysis

TASK 1: Video upload to course resources via Panopto

You are required to upload a video briefing to course resources via Panopto to discuss your planned structure and explanation of sources you intend to use for your ratio/trends/financial data in your report for Task 4. You should be pro-active and engaged with the audience (potential and existing shareholders, community, and environmental groups) at the briefings. You should demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively, knowledge and articulate your interest in the chosen company and the industry

Select annual reports of private limited liability Company to perform a basic ratio analysis and interpretation. The analysis and interpretation should cover Activity, Liquidity, Financing, Investment and Profitability of the company. 

TASK 3: Test 


You will be required to value a specific company as financial analyst. The company concerned will be communicated to you at the beginning of the Task in the seminar.

TASK 4: On-line Report Submission


Write a Company Report to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of your analysis and interpretation with coherent and reasoned discussion. The report must use the most recent three years published accounts (and any interim results available) for your company as agreed in Task 1 and to compare performance against a potential competitor and/or the industry in general. The report must have the following headings and sub-headings:

    • Introduction 
      • Background information
      • Industry/Sector Analysis or Strategic planning process
  • Fundamental analysis: Common-size statements and segmental analysis
    • Financial analysis and interpretation
      • Activity and Liquidity
      • Financing
      • Profitability and return on Investment
  • Cash flow analysis 
  • Future prospect (including covid-19 effects) 
  • Conclusions and recommendation
  • References
  • Supporting appendices



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