Financial Strategy & Governance

You are required to choose a publicly listed British Company (i.e., Headquarters
registered in the United Kingdom) and evaluate its current financial strategy in light of
its Corporate Purpose and Sustainability Goals. This essay should comprise of critical
assessment and limitations of the current and any proposed strategy. Corporate
governance should be incorporated to ensure that the proposed strategy complies with
the regulatory environment.

Points to note:
1. Make it as a corporate report. There are plenty of formats available, google it
and use a suitable one. Don’t go for something too flashy.
2. Any referencing style is acceptable as long as they are consistent. You may use
the software Mendeley.
3. No past essays are available.
4. Should be written in English language free of grammar mistakes and sentences
making clear sense.
5. Please use high quality resources/references ranging from academic articles,
print/electronic media, government reports, business reports etc.
6. Financial Data – minimum past 5 year. You may use industry data as well.



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