FPGA Design for System on Chip

Typographical conventions
The following typographical conventions are consistent throughout this module.
• Source code is shown in syntax highlighted monospaced font as:

a equals not b

• Buttons, menus and file-tree selections you should click are shown as:

File » Exit

• Graphic User Interface (GUI) selections and text input are shown in italics:

Select Go from the list
Type Hello in the box.

• Keyboard shortcuts are shown in square brackets as:

[ctrl + C]

• Names of physical things are shown as bold font:

Cyclone V

• Names of commands and processes are shown as bold monospaced font:


• File and project names are shown in bold green monospaced font:


• Paths are shown as bold green monospaced using the Windows path separator \ :


Note: Extra information and clarification that you might find useful can be found in note blocks.
Warning: Potential pitfalls and problems are highlighted in warning blocks.
Important: Important information is shown in important blocks.


ELEC5566M: FPGA Design for System on Chip Assignment 3: Mini-Project
Part 1: Assignment Information

Part 1: Assignment Information
Important: This assignment is due at 2pm on Friday 14th May 2021. This mini-project is assessed
forming a total module weighting of 50%, split as 25% technical report and GitHub code and 25% video
presentation with hardware demonstration. You must submit your report via Turnitin, Code via GitHub
and Presentation via Minerva before the deadline. A 5% per day/partial day penalty will be subtracted
from your score for late submission. If you encounter technical difficulties during submission, you must
email your report before the deadline to s.freear@leeds.ac.uk and then submit the report and code
without alteration through Minerva and GitHub at the next available opportunity.


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