Game 101 Gamemakers Apprentice Book Chap 234 Chapter 2 Dragons And Health Bars Do Normal Ass

Game 101. Gamemaker’s apprentice book Chap 2,3,4 Chapter 2. Dragons and health bars. Do the normal assigment qnd Modify the evil.gm6 file found on cd that comes with book. But file can be provided if needed. Please remove sound files and all actions related to them. Not needed. Change the fireball so that it gets destroyed he. It hits the boss Make the boss die in ten hits When The boss dies player gets 1000 points When the boss dies display the high score and restart the game The player dies in 10 hits. This means the tenth time dragon gets hit by demon the games over Make sure the high score table is still displayed when the player dies Draw a health bar someplace on the screen for the player. Can be done in a single action. Requires new object Chapter 3 Have all features from chapter three implemented but use your own graphics. None from book can be used. Create five game levels. They should slowly increase in difficulty Pressing the “n” key will skip you to the next room On level three and higher there will be a new hazard. An asteroid that moves faster and tracks the player. Something this is mechanically different from the current asteroids the new hazard must be visually different Chapter 4. Implement everything from the book from chapter four also. Make the stone block have a 50% of turning into an exploding block when it lands. Way too high for normal play but good for testing. The exploding block must have some visual clue that it is going to explode There must be an explosion animation He exploding block explodes after 20 steps The exploding block destroys any adjacent blocks which can create floating blocks and is ok If Laz is adjacent he dies as well Also make floating blocks settle Can Submit .gmk file via Dropbox or other mediums. Will pay nicely if done properly Jdie5el at ymail dot com


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