Global Engineering Strategy

This individual assignment requires research. Based on a company’s manufacturing site of your choice (as per accompanying instructions) you are required to design a manufacturing strategy for it.

Required layout- Manufacturing Strategy Document (a summary of your design decisions), followed by the body of the assignment text based on the Terry Hill Model.  The report structure should be exactly as below and follow the format of the marking scheme.  There will be a 10% penalty if this is not done.

  1. Manufacturing Strategy Document –  To be a 1 – 2 page statement of the final manufacturing strategy proposed for the SBU I division (summarized from the design developed in part 2, The Assignment Text, below), and to include decisions, as appropriate, relating to the following issues (a list which can be extended):                                                                             5%


  1. Process choice
    1. Choice of process
    2. Role of inventory 
    3. Make or buy
    4. Capacity (size, timing, location)


  1. Infrastructure
  1. Function support
  2. Manufacturing planning and control systems
  3. Quality assurance and control 
  4. Manufacturing systems engineering
  5. Clerical procedures
  6. Salary I wage agreements 
  7. Work structuring 

viii)Organisation structure     


  1. The Assignment  Text– This is the body of the report, and should include:

  • Development I completion of SBU I Division objectives and strategies which support corporate level objectives and strategies.  Relating this to the Terry Hill model, the outputs of your work in this section will include Company Objectives, Marketing Strategies, and justified Order Winners. This will require the application of appropriate theory, including strategic concepts. (It is expected that this will represent approximately 15-25% of the assignment text)                                   20%                                                                                                   
  •  Based on the above, design the manufacturing strategy, to include: 53%
    1. Discussion of options (alternative designs) for each of the 12 elements
    2. Reasons as to why you have selected a particular option for each of the elements

(Evidence of application of appropriate theory in i) and ii) is required)

    1. Compare your proposed manufacturing strategy with the deduced existing strategy, and comment                             5%
  • For your manufacturing strategy to be effectively realised, discuss the associated implementation and communication issues                             7%
  • Propose relevant evaluation measures for your strategy     5%
  • Recognition of, and methods of ensuring that, this strategy remains current within a changing environment                   5%



  1. It is important to demonstrate the application of theory, the development of options, and justified selections
  2. You are required to develop/complete the SBU I division objectives and strategies, and then to design (not report on) its manufacturing strategy.  

You will get no marks for just restating the actual or presumed current strategy.




A Manufacturing Company (or an SBU within a holding company) of Your Choice

  • Constraints:
    1. Currently trading
    2. A European Union, North/South American, Australian, Japanese, or Indian manufacturing site (location of Head Office/ownership not important)
    3. Site employees no more than 1000 (total Group employees may be more than this)
    4. Not in the automotive sector
    5. Not high volume production, for example mobile phones or domestic appliances, where “line” or “continuous” production is specified throughout the manufacturing process.  It is acceptable to select a site/product where “line” or “continuous” production is specified in part of the process.
    6. In addition to the listing below, not a publically available case study, or one referred to or used during the module. (You will get zero marks if you use such a company)

  • Excluding the following companies:

*** You are to reserve a company, and the chosen manufacturing site, for your research by posting it on the “Coursework 2 company reservation” forum on the Module web. Please ensure the company site chosen is not already reserved by another student (read the forum), nor listed below on the restricted companies list, nor is a publically available case study, and was not used during the Module.  If you select an excluded company by not doing this, or by ignoring this instruction, you will get zero marks.  

(Please note that you take responsibility for the appropriateness of your choice in terms of meeting the constraints in section 1.)***


  1. Some data sources (for company, market, customer, competitor, and product analysis- understanding of ALL of these is important):


Company Report and Accounts



Business Source Complete

Etc …


  1. Assignment length: 3,000-3,500 words, excluding in-text references and reference listing.  The net word count is to be shown at the end of the document.  If the higher figure is exceeded, the “excess” text will not be marked.  

In text references are required, and to be in CUHarvard style.  Information about CUHarvard can be found on Moodle.


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