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  1. Explain how the Fourteenth Amendment and incorporation theory affect the Bill of Rights.  Explain Supreme Court cases to adequately discuss the incorporation theory.
  2. Identify and explain the civil rights of criminal suspects.
  3. Trace the struggle for equality for African Americans beginning with writing of the US Constitution following through to today.  This would include historical events, Constitutional amendments, Supreme Court cases and legislation.
  4. Compare and contrast the struggle for women’s rights with the struggle for civil rights.
  5. Explain the arguments both for and against affirmative action.  Explain the basis of affirmative action and the manner in which it has been addressed by the Supreme Court.
  6. Discuss the role played by Texas in the movement to extend civil rights in the United States.  Explain how the state has responded to federal court rulilngs pertaining to rights of convicted criminals and school segregation.



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